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Portrait of Sir Charles Metcalfe

Delhi, circa 1825

Opaque watercolour with gold on paper, black border with gold banding

9 ¼ by 6 ¾ in., 23.5 by 17 cm. painting

11 5/8 by 9 in., .29.5 by 23 cm. folio




On verso in nasta’liq and nagari:

tasvir-i muntazam al-daulah charlis safalis mistar mitkalf sahib bahadur saulat jang

‘Painting of Muntazam al-Daulah Charles Theophilus, Mr. Metcalfe Sahib Bahadur Saulat Jang’



Christie’s, London, 28 June 1973, lot 148

Paul F. Walter (1935-2016), New York, 1973-2017

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