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Sher Khan Sur’s capture of Rohtasgarh Fort in 1538 A.D.

Ascribed to the artists La’l, Dhanu and Khem Karan

Leaf from the “Third” Akbarnama

Mughal India, 1595-1600 A.D.

Opaque pigments and gold on paper, laid down on card; ‘designed by La’l, painting by Dhanu, portrait painting by Khem Karan’ and ‘Shir Khan's capture of the citadel of Rohtas through stratagem’

12 by 7 1/8 in.; 30.5 by 18 cm. painting

14 1/8 by 9 ¼ in.; 36 by 23.5 cm. folio


Private collection, England

2. Sher Shah Surs capture.jpg
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