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A diplomatic meeting between Shah ‘Abbas II of Persia and an Indian prince

Signed by Shaikh ‘Abbasi

Persia, dated A.H. 1065 / 1654-55 A.D.

Brush drawing in ink heightened in colours and gold on paper, laid down in an album page with blue inner margin and outer margin of marbled paper

9.5 by 18.6 cm., 3 ¾ by 7 ¼ in. drawing
18.4 by 26.7 cm., 7 ¼ by 10 ½ in. folio



Inscribed by the artist in an unpainted cartouche in Persian: 

‘It (or he) achieved worth because he became Shaiykh ‘Abbasi,’ i.e., he, or his work, gained value because his patron Shah ʿAbbas II had permitted him to use the nisba ‘Abbasi



Private collection, France, 1980s-90s

Private collection, U.S.A.

4. Shah Abbas of Persia & an Indian prin
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