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Beykoz cut-glass ewer and basin

Turkey, circa 1820

Comprising a deep basin, its strainer and ewer with stopper: the

basin with squat body and broad flaring rim with scalloped edge, painted with a gilt band of sunflower petals surrounded by rows of lozenges enclosing floral sprigs, the exterior wheel-cut, the base facet-cut; the strainer of dished form with seventeen drilled holes, each the centre of a gilt flower-head, surrounded by an olive wreath; the ewer pear-shaped with elongated neck, with gilt wheel-cut decoration comprising a large heart on either side against a ground of lozenges enclosing floral sprigs; the domed gilt stopper facet-cut

Basin: diameter 18.2 cm.; height 11.5 cm.

Strainer: diameter 15.8 cm.

Ewer: height including stopper 35.5 cm.



Andreas Metaxa (1790-1860), Athens

Metaxa family, Athens, by descent

Beykoz ewer.jpg
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